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My interest in the piano began at age 5 with piano lessons. In high shool I began to take an interest in fixing our home piano which led to a two year apprenticeship while also working toward a classical piano performance degree at William Paterson University. With my newly earned skills as a piano


technican I worked my way through college and chose to stickwith tuning and restoration as my vocation. 


In my early years as a technician I concentrated more on rebuilding pianos while developing a private tuning and service clientel. I studied and practiced every aspect of piano restoration and developed a philosophy that I feel preserves and enhances the potential of the great pianos I work with.


I am currently the Piano Technician for William Paterson University, Rutgers University Newark Campus, Seton Hall University, Orange, Nutley, West Orange and Newark School Systems, and the Newark Boys Chorus School. 

I also currently teach courses in piano technology at Willaim Paterson University.


Sharing and playing music with my children and friends remains a large part of my life and I enjoy working in a field that keeps me close to music. I perform everything from chamber music to rock and avante garde new music. 


My current focus is on home and concert tuning and service, specializing in voicing, tone regulation, touch- weight design and correction and custom action restoration. 


I find so many wonderful pianos in need of voicing and action work that don't play anything near as wonderfully as they could. Bringing out the full potential of these instruments through voicing and touch improvements is my favorite and most gratifying work. I never get tired of the big smiles on the faces of my clients when they play their newly improved pianos. As a fellow pianist I can understand when they express issues about touch and tone and this helps me to choose the right solution.

I selectively do full restorations with a "one at a time" attitude, working with affiliated specialists in soundboard installation refinishing and keyboard restoration. After soundboard and cabinet finish work is done I "live" with the piano in my home based workshop while I complete the work. Often in the evening I will go to the piano I'm currently working on to play various kinds of music in order to get to know the personality of the instrument. I consider a piano finished only after I have had enough to time to get to know the nature of that particular instrument and fine tune the touch and tone to the optimum potential of that instrument. If the technician listens, the piano will tell him how it will best sound and play.

About me

Registered Piano Technician

I am a Registered Piano Technician. An R.P.T. has passed a series of rigorous examinations on the maintenance, repair, and tuning of pianos. Only RPTs are authorized by The Piano Technicians Guild to display the logo containing the words “Registered Piano Technician”. 

My philosophy in piano work is to know all there is to know about how the best pianos are built, to respect the principles that make those pianos the best and to combine the exacting approach of old world craftsmanship with the advantages of state of the art technology to maintain or restore each instrument to it’s full potential.

I strive to understand what each client needs from their piano and to provide the most practical solutions to satisfy those needs.



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