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Buying a new or used piano can be a daunting task given the hundreds of manufacturers, types of pianos and sources of new and used pianos. This 3 step guide will get you on the right path to finding a good quality piano at a fair price.

1. Get educated
If you don’t already know a lot about pianos you need to learn at least the basics about piano types, quality etc. By far the best resource for would be piano owners is The Piano Book by Larry Fine, available in most bookstores and public libraries. Larry provides a concise and comprehensive guide in plain language. He’ll teach you how to recognize the good, the bad and the ugly in the piano jungle.

2. Seek out and try out lots of pianos and narrow down your search.
Ask everyone you know if they know anyone selling a piano; friends and neighbors, piano teacher, piano technician, school music teacher, church organist etc. 
Search for ads on local bulletin boards and post your own saying you’re looking for a good used piano.
Contact your local Registered Piano Technician for recommendations on reputable piano stores that sell new and/or used pianos. 
Visit these internet sites where used pianos are sold.

Starting with stores go and play lots of pianos and decide what you like. Stores will have no problem with you trying out their pianos, but don't feel obligated to buy from them unless you see what you like at the right price. If you don’t play bring someone along who does. After a while you’ll start to know more about what you like and what’s good, and you’ll begin to narrow your search and find something you think might be right for you.

3. Call in the expert. 
Contact your piano technician or find a Registered Piano Technician at 
Most technicians charge an affordable fee for a piano inspection. It’s a cheap insurance policy that will help you avoid a lemon. Arrange for the technician to evaluate the piano and give you advice on condition, possible repairs needed, quality of the instrument and value at the asking price. 

If all goes well you’ll need a piano mover to deliver your new piano and maybe a piano teacher.
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 Piano Buyer's Guide  

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