During the Covid - 19 pandemic I am making tuning and service visits and am taking every precaution in order to assure the highest level of safety for you, your family and me. I take my temperature every morning before I leave the house and I will cancel if I have an elevated temperature or even the slightest symptom of illness. I ask that you alert me in advance of our visit if anyone in your home has any symptoms that could possibly be associated with covid-19.

Better safe than sorry is my attitude when it comes to this safety protocol. 

When I arrive I will call and ask that you open the door while I wash my hands with alcohol. I will wear a mask during the entire visit and I ask that you also wear a mask whenever we are within a 10 foot radius of one another. When I'm finished I will wipe down the keys and areas I may have touched, with a sanitizing wipe.


I very much appreciate the business you bring me during this difficult time and I aim to make our visit as safe and stress free as possible. Thank you.