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Action rebuilding starts with evaluating the geometry of the existing action and calculating the desired touchweight. 
(See the touchweight section)
The correct replacement action parts and hammers are then chosen. 

I custom bore each set of hammers for every piano, which makes optimal geometry possible. I custom taper the hammers to achieve the correct hammer weight for the particular touchweight and tone desired. This cannot be achieved by installing stock bored and tapered hammers. Even pianos of the same maker, vintage and model can differ by a surprisingly large degree. This is why stock bored and tapered hammers cannot possibly be the right "fit" for every piano.

I install hammers using a special jig that assures that the hammers line up with the strings exactly and at the exact right angle.
The jig allows me to record the exact position of the strings in relation to the action by means of lines drawn on a plexiglass sheet positioned over the hammers.

I spare no effort in assuring that parts are installed precisely so that the finished action plays with the most even and effortless touch. 

Each key is rebushed after repairs to keys are complete. Many key sets require new key buttons. This assures the efficient travel of the keys with no wasted energy.

Please also read the touchweight section.


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